Story of Us, The One and Only Cordovan

The world’s only Cordovan with “captivating clarity”

Cordovan called as “Diamond of Leather” or “King of the Leather”

Those who witness its unique beautiful texture and gloss, to be captivated at a glance.


Cordovan is scarce leather material which is produced by only several manufacturers in the world.


There is the most premium Cordovan with “captivating clarity.

This is True Aniline Dye Cordovan, only produced by Leder Ogawa in Japan.



Ultimate glitter derived from unique fiber structure.

True cordovan is only obtainable from European large-sized horses.

Rare and precious leather available from limited part of horse’s buttocks.


Since ancient times, Cordovan has been glittering. It will last for good.



About Leder Ogawa

Founder Saburo Ogawa met one leather boot during study of leather in university.

Our story begins at this moment.


The man who devoted his whole life to Cordovan, strived for “Ultimate Leather with Captivating Beauty and Crystal Clarity


Aniline Dye

“Captivating Beauty of Crystal Clarity” This shows the true worth of Aniline-Dyed Cordovan.

Aniline Dye requires unique and special pretreatment in each process - adding oil, stretching, drying, shaving, glazing - and good quality leather tanned with tannin.


We are handed down expertise and skills from Saburo Ogawa, founder of Leder Ogawa, who pursued an ideal cordovan and completed the only technology of Aniline Dye Cordovan in the world.



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